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photo of Scott Collis
Scott Collis
Radar Meteorologist
Remote Sensing Team
Ph.D., Physical Sciences, Australian National University, 2007.
Current Role
Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Program Precipitation Sensitive Radar Translator, with responsibility for value-added products from the ARM radar network and for liaison between the science community and the ARM infrastructure group.
Geophysical retrievals from remote sensing data; dynamics and microphysics of precipitating cloud systems; nowcasting; open-source, object-oriented code design. Graduate diploma in meteorology, Australian Bureau of Meteorology, 2007.
Career Highlights
  • Postdoctoral fellow: Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research. Use of remote sensing data to reconstruct the dynamical and microphysical structure of precipitating systems. Key role in operational forecasting for a cloud seeding research project in Queensland (a joint effort with the National Center for Atmospheric Research).
  • Meteorologist: Australian Bureau of Meteorology, National Meteorological and Oceanographic Centre. Forecasting and warning for atmospheric turbulence, icing, and thunderstorms disruptive to national aviation. Led research to build a model-to-text system for preparing forecasts for high seas.
  • Recognition: Named one of Popular Science magazine’s 2013 “Brilliant 10” global researchers, October 2013.