Environmental Science Division (EVS) a Division of Argonne National Laboratory
photo of Molly (Mary) Finster
Molly (Mary) Finster
Assistant Environmental Systems Engineer
Risk-Based Radiation and Chemical Fate and Effects Team
Ph.D., Civil and Environmental Engineering, Northwestern University, 2005.
Current Role
Assistant Environmental Systems Engineer, Radiation and Chemical Risk Management, with project management responsibilities.
Evaluation and integration of chemical, physical, and biological fate, exposure, and toxicity data to support risk assessments and the development of health-based exposure levels for a wide range of environmental contaminants.
Career Highlights
  • Principal investigator and project manager: Exposure assessment and evaluation related to scrap metal recycling.
  • Deputy project manager: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency projects — cumulative health risk program; dioxin environmental assessment; provisional advisory levels project.
  • Technical lead: Human health risk and impact assessment for the Alaska Pipeline Project environmental impact statement (EIS); survey and evaluation of international low-level waste disposal practices and facilities.
  • Significant contributor: Water quality evaluation for the Glen Canyon Dam Long-Term Experimental and Management Plan EIS; environmental evaluation for the DOE Long Baseline Neutrino Experiment at Fermilab.