Environmental Science Division (EVS) a Division of Argonne National Laboratory
photo of Virendra Ghate
Virendra P. Ghate
Assistant Atmospheric Scientist
Modeling and Air Quality Assessment Team
Ph.D., Meteorology, University of Miami, 2009.
Current Role
Boundary layer meteorology researcher; cloud macro- and micro-physics researcher.
Process-level studies using data collected by atmospheric in situ and remote sensing instruments; characterization of atmospheric dynamics.
Career Highlights
  • Principal investigator: Project titled “Dynamics, Thermodynamics, Radiation and Cloudiness of Cumulus Topped Marine Boundary Layers,” funded by the DOE Atmospheric System Research program; project titled “Cloud System Evolution in the Trades (CSET),” funded by the National Science Foundation.
  • Recognition: Recipient of the annual Mary Roche Fellowship at the University of Miami for outstanding research at sea for the year 2007.
  • Researcher: Author of several peer-reviewed publications.