Environmental Science Division (EVS) a Division of Argonne National Laboratory
photo of Xi Hui Jiang
Xi Hui Jiang
Environmental Data Specialist
Ecological and Hydrologic Modeling Team
A.A.S., Computer Science, Richard J. Daley College, 2004.
Current Role
Environmental Data Specialist, Ecological Resources and Systems, performing geospatial analysis and providing project-specific technical support.
Geospatial analysis, web site development and maintenance, database design and data query, habitat analysis and mapping, data acquisition and maintenance.
Career Highlights
  • Programming/development: Georeference data for Maywood project; maps for the Flaming Gorge Dam channel morphology and habitat study; program to record registered users for a RESRAD workshop.
  • Data acquisition/maintenance: Map verification and updates from aerial photography for Argonne site project, data reports for Maywood project, information gathering about radioactive source cases for RADIATION RISK CODE project.
  • Technical support: Updating and maintenance of the RESRAD web site; use of Adobe After Effects to determine the effects of Flaming Gorge Dam operations on fish behavior; enhancement of security during data storage and exchange.
  • Field assistant: Fish habitat sampling for Flaming Gorge project; equipment maintenance and monitoring for Argonne wetlands project.