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photo of Robert Johnson
Robert L. Johnson
Senior Program Manager, Environmental Security and Restoration
Ph.D., Agricultural Engineering, Cornell University, 1991.
Current Role
Senior Program Manager, Environmental Security and Restoration; Manager, Center for Geospatial Analysis.
Environmental security threat monitoring and evaluation; geospatial database design and data analysis; adaptive environmental data collection design; contaminated soil volume estimation.
Career Highlights
  • Program management: Environmental characterization and restoration; homeland/national security.
  • Principal investigator: DOE National Nuclear Security Agency (NNSA) Global Threat Reduction Initiative RadTrax monitoring; adaptive Bayesian approaches to spatial sampling design; statistical methods for contaminated soil volume estimation; advanced tool development for geospatial analyses; lead instructor for federally sponsored classes in environmental site characterization.
  • Collaborative efforts: Joint projects with colleagues at the University of Chicago, University of Illinois, Cornell University, Northwestern University, and Tufts University.
  • Recognition: Numerous awards related to national security, environmental protection, engineering, science, technology transfer, and pollution prevention from federal agencies, professional academies, and Argonne, 1995-2011.