Environmental Science Division (EVS) a Division of Argonne National Laboratory
photo of Kirk LaGory
Kirk E. LaGory
Senior Program Manager, Ecological Resources and Systems
Ph.D., Zoology, Miami University, 1984.
Current Role
Senior Program Manager, Ecological Resources and Systems.
Research, analysis, and modeling of human impacts on ecological resources and systems; mitigation and monitoring of impacts on habitats and species populations.
Career Highlights
  • Program Management: Effects of energy development on ecological resources and systems; Colorado River Storage Project hydropower operations and adaptive management; management of ecological resources on federal lands.
  • Principal investigator: Environmental reviews of hydropower operations and nuclear reactor licensing; science planning for oil and gas development in Alaska; modeling and field studies of energy development effects on sage grouse and other bird populations; use of indicator species to monitor effects of forest management; field studies of endangered species, rare natural communities, and wetlands.
  • Collaboration: Development of flow and temperature recommendations to protect endangered fishes downstream of hydroelectric facilities; member of the Flaming Gorge Dam technical working group; member of the Colorado River endangered fishes Recovery Team.
  • Developer: Numerous interagency agreements and proposals.