Environmental Science Division (EVS) a Division of Argonne National Laboratory
photo of David Ma
David C. Ma
Mechanical Engineer
Nuclear Materials and Waste Disposition Team
Ph.D., Civil Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology, 1976.
Current Role
Civil/Mechanical Engineer, Radiation and Chemical Risk Management, with responsibility for developing aging management programs for license renewals and spent-fuel dry storage systems.
Aging management of nuclear power plants and spent-fuel dry storage systems; structural and seismic analyses; soil-structure interactions; and sloshing.
Career Highlights
  • Technical reviewer for new reactors: Evaluation of new reactor designs (acoustic and flow-induced vibration of steam dryer and reactor internals; structural modeling; dynamic testing and analysis of systems, components, and equipment) for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
  • Aging management development: Development of aging management programs; evaluation of the periodic safety review for foreign reactor plants.
  • Structural/seismic analyst: Analyses of many advanced reactors; developed in-structure seismic response spectra of Argonne’s Hot Fuels Examination Facility and Zero Power Reactor-6.
  • Researcher and developer: Co-developed finite-element computer code FLUSTR for fluid-structural interaction and sloshing analysis; investigated hydrodynamic phenomena (e.g., sloshing, fluid-structure interaction) in reactor vessels.