Environmental Science Division (EVS) a Division of Argonne National Laboratory
photo of Louis Martino
Louis E. Martino
Environmental Systems Engineer/Program Manager
Environmental Restoration Team
M.S., Biology, Tennessee Technological University, 1979.
Current Role
Environmental Systems Engineer, Environmental Security and Restoration, with responsibility for program development and technical support.
Implementation of innovative hazardous waste site characterization/remediation, as principal investigator and team member.
Career Highlights
  • Data visualization in conceptual site models: Refinement of data visualization methodologies to integrate archival and current quantitative and qualitative data sets into coherent, useful conceptual site models.
  • Environmental investigations: Performance of all aspects of remedial investigations/feasibility studies for sites at Aberdeen and Yuma Proving Grounds impacted by chemical warfare agents and ordnance-related military munitions.
  • Corrective action studies: Preparation of corrective action studies for former U.S. Department of Agriculture sites, including technology screening and selection and forecasting of life-cycle remediation costs.
  • Sustainability support: Assistance to the DOE Office of Sustainability Support in the areas of electronic stewardship, hazardous waste management, and green remediation.