Environmental Science Division (EVS) a Division of Argonne National Laboratory
Terri L. Patton
Principal Geology Specialist
Ecological Risk and Restoration Team
M.S., Geology, Northeastern Illinois University.
Current Role
Principal Geology Specialist, Ecological Risk and Restoration, supporting various federal agencies in application of the National Environmental Policy Act.
Evaluation of geologic (energy/mineral) resources, soils, and water resources; cumulative impacts analysis.
Career Highlights
  • Lead technical analyst: Renewable energy development (solar and wind), offshore oil and gas leasing, energy conveyance, waste disposal, fuel production, and nuclear power plant operations.
  • Task leader: Mineral resource potential assessments (Bureau of Land Management public lands); focused feasibility study for site remediation (Aberdeen Proving Ground); inactive waste sites program management plan and groundwater contamination studies (Argonne); and several site assessments, sampling and analysis plans, and quality assurance plans.
  • Assistant project manager: Imperial-Mexicali 230-kV Transmission Lines Environmental Impact Statement (DOE), remedial investigations/feasibility studies for Yuma and Aberdeen Proving Grounds (U.S. Army).