Environmental Science Division (EVS) a Division of Argonne National Laboratory
photo of Kurt Picel
Kurt C. Picel
Environmental Chemist/Team Lead
Technology and Engineering Assessment Team
Ph.D., Environmental Health Sciences, University of Michigan, 1985.
Current Role
Team Lead, Technology and Engineering Assessment, with responsibilities as project manager and principal investigator.
Research on fate and effects of chemical and radiological contaminants; environmental sampling and analysis; environmental health risk assessment; site remediation planning; assessment of environmental impacts from energy technology and engineered systems.
Career Highlights
  • Argonne project leader: Programmatic environmental impact statement for allocation of public lands for oil shale and tar sands development in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming.
  • Principal investigator: Environmental impact statements for international electric transmission lines to Mexico and Canada, depleted uranium firing range risk assessments for the Army Joint Munitions Command, and DOE environmental technology deployment program.
  • Developer/manager: Set up and operated an organic analytical laboratory at Argonne.