Environmental Science Division (EVS) a Division of Argonne National Laboratory
photo of Robert Sullivan
Robert Sullivan
Environmental Scientist/Team Lead
Cultural and Visual Resources Team
M.L.A., Landscape Architecture, University of Illinois, 1988.
Current Role
Environmental Scientist; Cultural and Visual Resources Team Leader.
Research in visual impact assessment and mitigation for utility-scale energy systems; application of geospatial methods and technology to visual impact analysis; web site and software design and development; information architecture.
Career Highlights
  • Principal investigator: System design and development for visual impact risk assessment and mitigation mapping and for offshore renewable energy visualization; visual impacts of solar, wind, and electric transmission systems and utility-scale energy systems; night sky impacts; visual impact mitigation handbook development. Co-lead for wind energy development planning analysis and environmental impact statement (EIS).
  • Visual impact analyst: EISs for onshore and offshore wind energy, solar energy, electric and pipeline transmission, uranium leasing, hydropower dam management, and oil shale and tar sand development.
  • Web site and software designer: More than 20 environmental web sites and 5 software systems.
  • Consultant: National Park Service, visual impact assessment evaluation for utility-scale renewable energy projects.
  • Award recipient: Federal Engineering Applications Award; Argonne Director’s Award; three Argonne Pacesetter Awards.